3D Lenticular Business Cards Printing

“Here is my card.” This is how the traditional business card commenced its debut in the industry. The custom lenticular business card has been transformed from forgettable to beautiful.

Lenticular printing has the ability to make your business cards appear more attractive and increase the visibility of your company! The lenticular effect will take your images and create a moving image effect onto your Lenticular business card, making it easy for you to impress anyone you meet.

Impeccable Lenticular Cards Printing

That being said, it is extremely crucial for you to pick a vendor who truly understands the intricacies involved with the art of lenticular printing. After all, not everyone is equipped with the sharp eye for detail to create the required depth illusion using up to 12 layers of images, and slicing and interlacing them with high precision. At Lenticular World, our lenticular card printing technicians are facilitated with state-of-the-art 3D Motion Printing Technology. Then again, they have honed their lenticular lens crafting skills to the maximum, all of which helps us create impeccable visiting cards, every single time.

Every business has the potential to stand out, but this cannot be made apparent without making a statement of some kind. One way is to give the WOW factor to your business cards with our lenticular card printing technology. For assistance with regards to this, do contact us.

Explaining Lenticular Printing Technology

Lenticular technology allows us to print an image on a clear plastic lens to give the illusion of depth and motion. When products with such prints are viewed from different angles, they present 2 separate images. This technology can be used in a variety of ways, one of which is to create lenticular printing cards. However, individuals presenting business cards created using the lenticular business card printing process will never be forgotten.

Details Printed Behind the Material

Customer details can easily be printed behind the board, just like regular business cards. The cards then get a finished appearance by cutting the round corners.

With such flawless and astoundingly eye-catching Lenticular Business Cards to hand out, you can rest assured that your clients will not just keep your card in their pocket, instead they will take a second look at the same, and even interact with it for a few seconds. Now, you don’t need to be a marketing moghul to understand the advantage such engagement will bring along.

Want to get even more bang for your buck? Well, feel free to choose from our varied effects for your visiting cards such as Animation, 3D, Flip or Zoom! We bet, now you know the perks of running a modern-day business. Isn’t it?

Do not miss the opportunity to make that impression as you hand your lenticular business card to every prospective or established client. Add this cool effect to your traditional business cards at the earliest!

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