3D Lenticular Postcards

Postcards are ideally used for elegant invitations or presenting your business in a premium way. When it comes to cutting through the clutter of standard postcards, nothing could beat the power of 3d lenticular postcards printing!

Lenticular postcard printing is a special technique that can be used to create unique 3D or animated images. This technique can either employ multiple images to create the appearance of animation as the lenticular image is moved up and down or side to side or to multiple layers of a single image to create a 3D appearance.

Why 3D Lenticular Postcards Printing

With a 3D Lenticular Postcard, you can rest assured of getting extended space for your message, as you can make the receiver can see multiple images, with the magic of interlaced images. Whether you are an architect willing to show off your skills, a cosmetologist with striking before and after pictures to flaunt, or a couple wishing to create a unique save-the-date card, with custom 3D postcards, you can do it all in a truly unmatched way. For what it’s worth, these postcards can also prove to be a great pick when you want to send a unique wish for the festive season!

Not only will the glazed print leave the receiver awe-struck when they take the first look the postcard, but the simple flick of the card will help them unravel a new image guaranteeing increased engagement and greater recall value. Trust us, no matter how simple this concept sounds, when immaculately put together, it creates a spellbinding effect that is difficult to forget.

However, it takes skill and knowledge to know how to properly interlace the images so that they match the corresponding lenses and getting great results takes a lot of experience.

Want to turn boring images into entertaining ones? Our world is one in which businesses need to constantly stand out from each other. It is clearly not adequate to be the only one to provide a particular product or service in one’s local area, as the competition has now gone global. It is here the creation of 3d postcards turns out to be immensely beneficial.

About 3D postcards

3D lenticular postcards are printed with a lenticular image on one side and a full color print on the reverse. What this means is that each of these postcards is able to present different images when viewed from different angles. Lenticular postcard printing allows business owners to really show what their business is all about. Our company has the necessary technology and expertise to give 3D lenticular postcards to all your customers.

Entertaining images visible due to 3D postcards printing demonstrate simple effects that are adequate to capture attention of any person. Eventually these postcards look like toys to be played with, giving every business an exciting edge.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art 3d postcards printing equipment at Lenticular World, you can rely on us for varied effects for your custom lenticular postcards such as Animation, 3D, Flip or Zoom, whichever best fits your advertising goals!

So, add lenticular effect to let your postcard speak for itself, stand out in a crowded mailbox and get results! For custom lenticular and 3d postcards printing requirement, get in touch with us.

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