5 Top Lenticular Postcard Ideas

Posted on August 20, 2019

Lenticular Postcard

Lenticular Postcards are interesting to read and look at. If you are interested in getting a customized one for a loved one, a client, colleague or a friend, these are the ideas you should consider.

There are several unique ways to share the joy with friends, and even colleagues. One great way is through the use of postcards. As the world wakes up each day to newer technologies. The world of postcards has not been spared. Introducing the lenticular postcards, this is no doubt a great way of putting smiles on the faces of everyone close to you.

Lenticular postcards combine the use of 3D printing art, anything you could think about, and traditional postcards concepts. Interesting right? Well, you have all the reasons to smile about this information. Just like looking up in the clear skies, the world of lenticular postcards is endless. If you could be having trouble starting or thinking about what could be customized into lenticular postcards, the following ideas should start you off.

  1. The endless world of marine wildlife

If the person you want to send a postcard to is a big fan of the seas and its wildlife, then you should consider a customized lenticular postcard made for them. To make your work easier or to save time, it would be essential to take your time and look at what is available online. After all, there are tones of ideas that the oceans and the seas can offer.

If that might seem too hard, you could consider using a memorable photo that you took with them during that unforgettable diving or fishing trip.

  1. There must be a bird that a person can associate with

There are numerous species of birds out there, and you will rarely find someone who hates all the feathered creatures. There is always a bird that one can associate with or appreciate; this entirely depends on the person’s personality. If you intend to send a lenticular postcard to a man you may want to consider having an image of, say an eagle. On the other hand, if it is a lady, you may consider using a picture of a colorful bird like a peacock.

  1. Mountains and forests are always a great sensation

Having a lenticular postcard made from images of mountains or forests will in no doubt, impress someone who would consider themselves hikers or nature. If you share memories with them about such places, then that would be a great way to get them smiling again.

  1. How about that group photo

Photographs keep memories alive, and they always make you go back in time. Group photographs are always a great way to relive great memories. Having such a picture with a happy message is in no doubt to get that person smiling. The photographs may be from your college days, that business trip you went to or even your previous job.

  1. The city lovers

Picture this; you moved to a new city or town then you get a postcard bearing the image of your old city. If you had great memories about that city, such a lenticular postcard has the power to move you into tears. The lenticular postcard might have an image of either the nightlife or daylife.

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