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Posted on November 16, 2020

In today’s competitive market, branding is everything. No matter what industry you are in, branding plays a huge role in the progress of your ideas. The very first part the customer reacts to is the packaging of the products. This is why brands with eyes catching designs strive to fare better than those without it. This is where lenticular printing comes into play. If you want to take your business to the next level, try lenticular 3D printing. There are many stores for Lenticular Postcards Online that would help you create and enhance your brand.

What is lenticular printing?

‘Lenticular’ can be translated to ‘pertaining to lenses.’ These lenticules are basically plastic lenses that are used to create an impression of 3-dimensional in-depth imaging. Thus, using lenticular graphics adds motion and depth to the printed photos by placing them on the two dimensional part. This makes the eyes look at the alternating section on the images.

How does lenticular printing work?

Lenticular printing comprises two parts – the lenses and the flat images. The lenses are made up of plastic lenticules running vertically on the picture. They rage from 40 to 150 lines per inch. The way the entire image comes to you depends on how you are viewing the image. The graphics of the image is interlaced together to provide layering effects.

What are lenticular postcards?

A lenticular postcard is an innovative way to highlight your brand. Sure, SEO strategies and advertising work for maintaining a good web presence, but postcards can enhance your marketing experience and maintain a lasting relationship in the customer’s minds. This is why getting Lenticular Postcards Online is not only economical but also effective.

Why are lenticular postcards important?

Lenticular postcards are an essential tool for promotional purposes. This is because people are likely to keep these postcards instead of just throwing them away. This keeps your response rates up. They also have a higher retention rate than regular postcards of the same design. The time and money saved from sending lenticular postcards are more than that of the regular ones. They are cost-effective and efficient.

What are some of the ways you can use lenticular postcards for your business?

  • They are more appealing to the customers: You want your customers to stick to your brand. Then, it is equally important to invest in that brand from your side. A visually appealing card is a great tool to increase the exposure of your brand. It tells a new story to your customers and makes them understand that you are invested in your brand as well.
  • They are a great way to convey holiday greetings: Holidays are knocking at your door and what can be a great way to wish your customers than send them a bunch of lenticular postcards based on the holiday theme? It shows how much you value your relationship with them and goes a long way to cherish the goodwill of your customers.

Getting Lenticular Postcards Online is an easy task nowadays. They help you and your brand a lot, and it is not only a perfect way to market your brand but also to build a good relationship with your customers.

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