Check Out the Do’s & Don’t of Lenticular Fabric Clothing

Posted on April 1, 2021

Do’s & Don’t of Lenticular Fabric Clothing

Undoubtedly, lenticular fabric clothing is taking the fashion and business world by storm with its trendy designs. With the use of high-end 3D technology, specialized lenses, the lenticular prints help to create the most unique design on clothes. For businesses, it’s a golden opportunity to attract their potential customers and make a great impression on the market using this appealing and trendy apparel. The impact of this lenticular printing on fabrics can be visible in any shades of lights. Quite evidently, there are innumerable reasons behind this huge popularity of lenticular clothing services.

This new-age fabric can be used to make key chains, notebooks, coasters, luggage tags, and pencil cases. Not only can the corporate world take advantage of this lenticular clothing fabric but also the fashion industry can yield significant advantages. Whether it’s about creating a new design for the t-shirt for the office employees, or the student, lenticular clothing is the ideal solution. However, there are some useful tips to be followed while designing a lenticular clothing fabric. Let’s take a look at the following,

1. 3D Depth

The depth of the 3D lenticular effect largely depends on the placement and the color choices. People should choose light and bright images to create a perfect 3D hologram-like effect. However, you shouldn’t pick any brighter colors for the background as it may ruin the entire look of the image. For the extreme background layers and foreground layers, one must pick less-detailed and light imagery to create a perfect combination. In case of any kind of typography or logos, it shouldn’t place on the extreme edges of the clothes. Rather, one should place it near the key plane. It will help the logo to appear most readable. It’s better to consult with lenticular clothing services to avoid any unforeseen event while creating the design.

2. Choosing the Font Type

The font type and size play a crucial role while designing a lenticular clothing fabric. People shouldn’t opt for an “italic” or “serif” type of font style when it comes to lenticular fabric. It will ruin the entire look of the image. The font size will vary as per the lens LPI. It’s better to avoid any fine type as the lenticular clothing fabric will reduce its readability. In case, people want to enhance the readability of the font, it’s better to outline the type by applying various strokes. Also, it’s important to choose a proper color along with the font style to enhance visibility.

3. Flip Animation 

Generally, two or three images are used to create the flip animation using the 3d lenticular printing technique. In this case, the color plays a huge role to bring a perfect 3d effect. So, it’s better to use light and bright imagery to create a flip animation. People should avoid choosing any bright color for the background. The elements of the images should be similar. Else it may cause one image to faint over others. These are the few things to consider while designing a lenticular clothing fabric.

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