An Excellent Lenticular Printing Company Must Have These Five Qualities

Posted on October 16, 2019

Since the eyepopping introduction of lenticular fabric, the world of design and art has proved that the sky is the limit. It all depends on the technology and creativity.

As mentioned above, lenticular art is always testing the limits of creativity and technology. But first, what is lenticular printing? It is a kind of printing that uses lenticular lenses to print images which have some degree of illusion on the background. This kind of art can turn your fantasies to reality; all you need to do is think and then have it printed. Besides fabric printing other popular forms of lenticular art among others include;

  • Lenticular postcards
  • Lenticular posters
  • Lenticular fridge stickers
  • Large format lenticular printing

But how do you identify an exceptional lenticular fabric printing company? The following qualities are what they should possess;

1.Turn your dreams into reality

The most exciting thing about lenticular fabric art is the ability to turn fantasy into reality. Sometimes you could be having special orders for events or targeting members from a specific demographic composition. Getting work done on such a project will ensure that you actualize or turn your dreams into reality. Some of the cases that might require or inspire special attention among others include;

  • Lenticular sports personalities themes
  • Popular travel destination themes
  • Nature always offers limitless ideas
  • Favorite movie stars or themes
  • Science fiction themes
  • Festive seasons themes
  • Politics inspired themes
  • Custom marketing themes

2. Should be experienced

The sensitive or unique nature of lenticular fabric art can not accommodate any errors. This will, therefore, ensure that the consumer or the user will fully appreciate the lenticular fabric. Doing the contrary will harm your reputation as a business person, which, for obvious reasons, will dim your profits. It is worth noting that experience does not in any way focus entirely on the age of the lenticular printing company.

Experience is a combination of factors such as years in the lenticular fabric printing business and adequate training of the staff.

3. Excellent customer care

It is often said that customer is king. Right from the moment you call or walk into the lenticular printing company, you would want to be treated or made feel like a king. This will make you feel at home and possibly maintain a cordial relationship with the company. What should entail excellent customer care?

Polite and friendly language when talking to you

Always ensuring or respecting your privacy

Strictly maintaining professional conversations

4. Delivering on time

As much as you are their clients, an excellent lenticular fabric printing company must always have in their mind that you have clients as well. Delaying the deliveries might directly translate to you incurring losses which in the long run will affect you all. They need to work on and finish your orders in a timely manner and without compromising the quality.

5. Give you value for your money

The company must be able to give you what you asked for as per your standards if not so, they should give you something better. Now that will mean getting your money’s worth, your client’s satisfaction will, in most cases determine this.

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