1. How does lenticular printing work?

Printing images on lenticular material,which is a special plastic material . Using the lenticular printing ,it will appear the 3D or animation effect when you view it.

2. What effects are possible with lenticular printing?

3D, flip, animation, zoom, or mixed like 3D+flip…

3. What is the MOQ?

For small lenticular prints ,like 4×6 inches, MOQ can be 250 pcs ,the larger ,the cheaper.

For large format lenticular prints ,like 1×2 meter,MOQ can be 1 piece.

4. What are the minimum and maximum size?

The smallest size can be about 1.5‘’ . And the largest size can be 2(width) x3(hegith) meter (Printed on one lenticular board) or other much bigger size (joined).

5. What does it cost?

It is related to the qty, size, back side printing. Pls contact us and we will reply you quickly.

6. How long does it take to produce a project ?

About 18 days from the time your artwork arrives to the time you receive your prints.

For large format poster (like 60 x80cm, 1.2 x2.4 m), you can receive within about 10 days.

7. Does it matter if I want the animation to happen when the card is moved left/right VS.up /down ?

The effect of flipping up/down is much better than that of up/down.

If you really want it flipping left/right, limit the images no more than three.