How to Choose A Large Formal Lenticular Print Vendor?

Posted on January 15, 2020

For companies that want or need marketing materials that are too large to be portable or handheld, there is a concept called large format printing that select printing companies offer. Large format prints are typically too large for most commercial printing companies to produce, and these prints typically range between 70 to 100 inches in width.

Large format printing has been increasing in popularity for how easy it is to draw attention from consumers due to their immense size. These prints can come in the form of advertisements, banners, posters, vehicle wraps, or decor, and can be used for places like malls, movie theaters, stores, around downtown, and more.

If you are delving into lenticular printing, you’ll find that there are very few large format lenticular printing services that you can use to get both lenticular graphics as well as graphics that come in a large format.

Both of these things require specialty printers to accommodate the capabilities of large format lenticular printing. Here are three characteristics to look for when choosing a company to provide you with large format lenticular printing.


Many times, companies will opt to go with the cheapest means of making graphics in order to save money, but many do not see the expense that comes in terms of quality. Quality includes the time and money required to re-print, in addition to the need to correct errors. Prioritizing in quality is important so that the size, colors, and content is right the first time. If you try cutting corners, you probably will end up spending more time and money to fix the problems rather than choosing a high-quality printing company. Simply put, don’t choose the least expensive option out there.


Your printing company should be capable of creating the types of graphics that you, your store, or your audiences need, such as lenticular printing. Rather than choosing a company for just one project, choose one for multiple projects moving forward. In addition, you should look for a company that are experienced in the type of designs that you are looking for and how they can work to help your designs look as appealing and attention-grabbing as possible. With a company that has the knowledge and capabilities in making designs that you need you are certain to be satisfied with their results.


Lastly, you will want a printing company that can make your designs look even better than you envision them. It is possible that a printing company can give your designs more value, in turn, making your marketing items more appealing and effective as a result. Large format designs, whether you are aware or not, are a means of marketing and branding, thus, printing companies that are versed in large format branding will have a good understanding of how your designs can be best marketed. Designs with great marketing will be sure to give you a guaranteed return on investment. Choosing a printing company that offers quality and proficiency is important, but one way that one printing company sets itself apart from the rest is that they know a thing or two about marketing to make your designs work.


Large format printing is suitable for advertisements, posters, store decor, and more. You should consider choosing a capable lenticular printing company to give you lenticular prints that both catch people’s attention and are big enough for large format spaces. A good printing company offers quality, flaw-free designs, capable equipment and personnel, and experience with marketing and branding to give your designs the best chances of success.

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