How to Prevent Ghosting in Lenticular Printing

We all know that lenticular printing is used to produce printed images with an illusion of depth, or the ability to change or move when the image is viewed from different angles. Since it is a combination of multiple images, there is chances that we encounter lenticular ghosting.


Lenticular ghosting refers to a situation where more than one image is visible at certain viewing angles. In other words, you see an additional image (or multiple images) along with the image you should be seeing at a certain angle.


           Number of frames: The number of frames should be considered beforehand and with all aspects in consideration to avoid ghosting. The more the number of frames used, more are the chances of seeing ghosting. Similarly, the fewer frames you use, the more distinctly you will see each frame.

           Contrast: Minimizing contrast from one frame to the next will minimize the ghosting. The contrast of the the frames should be considered with care. If you have a dark element in frame 1 that changes to a light background in frame 2, that darker element will ghost into the other frame.

           Mismatched Pitch: The reason for this module is that it is critical to know how your printer prints ink on the paper and at what frequency of dots. To avoid lenticular ghosting, it is thus, important that the printer puts the dots of ink in the right places to fit your needs.