Large Format Lenticular Poster Printing

At Lenticular World, we take immense pride in being one of the most efficient printing large lenticular printing companies, as we are equipped to produce single panels as large a 48” x 96”! So whether it is a large, impressive large format 3d poster of a movie or a larger, eye-catching billboard, our designers, with the help of our printing technicians can create it all for you. Trust us, these larger than life prints will leave every onlooker truly amazed, so much so that they’d want to stop by, and take a closer look to appreciate your design and concept.

Why Large Lenticular Printing

In the printing world, nothing competes with the lenticular. Lenticular is a method that adds dimension and/or motion to images which are normally static and flat. The “magic” is actually an optical illusion. By covering images with plastic sheets of tiny lenses, printers allow the eye to view alternating sections of multiple images simultaneously. Lenticular, thus, can be used to create impressive illusions for the promotion of your upcoming blockbuster! The large format lenticular posters offer incredibly deep 3D and dramatic motion effects for maximum impact and bring your designs to life.

Wide Range of Large Lenticular Printing

For what it’s worth, with Lenticular World by your side, you can conveniently take your pick from a varied range of large format lenticular printing effects including – 3D, Animation, Zoom and 2 or 3 Image Flip! To our credit, we also offer exemplary options like Reflective and Backlit for you to choose from. Simply put, our effects and lighting options will help you pick the print that perfectly blends with your marketing strategy!

If you wish for the incredibly attractive large format lenticular prints to work in favour of your marketing efforts, you can now rest assured, as we can help you with spectacular, high-quality prints for –

Get started today and add the magic of lenticular large format 3d poster printing to engage viewers like never before!

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