Lenticular Card Printing for Retaining User Attention

Posted on April 15, 2021

Lenticular prints make ordinary objects such as cards stand out due to the applied 3d effects. These offer a unique way to promote any brand, which is very different from regular business cards. Most often than not, ordinary business cards are forgotten after the first meeting, but lenticular card printing will invariably be hard to forget, allowing tremendous brand recall.

All types of cards made with the help of lenticular card printing techniques are composed of 3d flip pages. The effect created by these pages is a special and lasting one. The techniques are meant to establish a superb advertising medium, and can be applied to a variety of industries.

Where is Lenticular Print Used?

Technology is being used in unique ways across companies, and the advent of Data Analytics and AI (Artificial Intelligence) have been major breakthroughs. Although not quite in the same league, lenticular print is yet another form of technology. Advertising is all about capturing the eyeballs of customers, and few media are as enthralling as these prints. Lenticular print technology is suitable for the following:

  • Business Cards
  • Postcards
  • Exhibitions
  • Fridge Magnets
  • Stickers
  • Movie Posters
  • CD/DVD inserts
  • Bookmarks

Lenticular prints allow objects to appear in 3D form, allowing them to look different from various angles. Different scenes of a movie on a thermoplastic sheet of concave lenses, for example, can be shown in this manner. The final view here looks much like parallel ridges.

Choosing a Reputed Print Vendor

To get lenticular prints done, always choose vendors who possess the requisite experience in getting these prints done and understand their intricacies. Only a few people have the expertise to make a depth illusion by using a keen eye for detail. Almost 12 layers of images are sliced and interlaced together for creating the desired impact. It is possible to check the work of these vendors by getting in touch with them on online forums.

Special Prints for Special Occasions

Many festivals are organized and celebrated throughout the year, Christmas and Thanksgiving being two of them. It makes great sense for restaurants and other businesses to send out lenticular prints to their customers to inform them about special offers on festival days. Yet another category of business that can benefit by giving out these cards is that of museums.

Human attention span has greatly reduced within the last decade or so. The greatest reason for this is the advent of the online medium, where the attractive text and illustrations interest people more than regular text. In such cases, lenticular prints are able to interest the right kind of audience, for the sake of better business.

It’s not that these prints are a new phenomenon; they were already in the US market during the 1970‘s and 80’s. However, the technology that is being used to make them has been upgraded to the digital level. There are also more reasons these days to find innovative ways of remembering loved ones. Users can upload suitable photos and text to sites that offer these prints.

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