Lenticular Effects

Choosing an effect is the first step you would take towards lenticular printing. When you know the types of effects, it helps in delivering your promotional message clearly across the audience. Let’s look at the five types of lenticular effects we, at Donsense, can create for you.

3D Effect

Unlike the 2D ,the 3D effect prints brings you sense of 3D depth.
It can be combined with other effects, like 3D+flip,3d+motion…

Flip Lenticular Effect

Flip lenticular effect includes a changed picture or flip from one picture to another. Three separate pictures can be mixed, and they will look independent from different angles.

Morph Lenticular Effect

Morph lenticular effect is a steady modification of one picture to another. One of the two pictures are morphed, but it is more effective when both the pictures are somewhat comparable and have a similar background.

Full Motion Video Effect

Several frames displaying a motion from start to finish are used to create full moon motion video effect. The effect is similar to watching a video clip, with the difference being that it is shown on a print medium.


Zoom Lenticular Effect

Just like its name, the effect shows the picture zooming in and out. It is a collection of animated positions and works best when the background is wide.