Lenticular Postcard Printing: A win-win deal for advertisers

Posted on December 17, 2020


An easy and effective way to enhance growth in your business is when you bring creativity and hard work together. It is important to work on the product, and it can’t be denied that it is equally important to work on the promotion of the product. If you wish to make your brand or product visible to the right onlooker, you need to step up your name via branding.

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In the business world, branding can be a game-changer if done correctly. Postcard marketing is one such creative approach of branding that reflects sophistication and professionalism. This unique idea of postcards can help your brand stand out and speak for itself.

It doesn’t matter which industry you belong to, if you are looking for lenticular postcard printing, you are on the way to an absolute win-win deal. It provides beautiful eye-catching designs and creative packaging with suitable colors and shapes. The technology used in lenticular printing involves lenticular lenses to create printed images having an illusion of depth, or the ability to change or give movement to the image as and when viewed from different angles.

Lenticular printing brings out your brand’s uniqueness, making it visible in the market to the target customer. It is an excellent way to gain attention and enhance your brand name. You can easily grab the spotlight for your brand by lenticular printing.

There are two types of lenticular printing – animation & 3D. However, 3D lenticular printing is the most sought-after printing effect for postcards. This creates an impression of depth by adding visual elements on different planes. On the other hand, the animation effect is usually computer-generated and consists of time-lapse photography and motion picture film.

If you are going for lenticular postcard printing, you need to keep the following pointers in mind:

  • Make sure two frames are used for the flipping effect
  • The lines must run horizontally otherwise it would make the images fuzzier than expected
  • Go for video films in case of animation effect
  • Pick the right images and colors for the postcard suiting your brand image
  • The placement of these images and color play an important role in the outcome. Be assured they are rightly placed.
  • Mind the viewer’s distance from the images
  • When it comes to design, always pick bright and strong imagery

Now, when you know what to follow while looking for lenticular postcard printing, you must also know what to avoid when opting for this printing effect. Here are some essential points for the same:

  • Do not pick backgrounds that are neutral colored. This may dull the whole effect
  • Don’t opt for fancy font styles. This can create a hindrance to an effective communication
  • Avoid using images that are extremely small. You would want the customer to see your product or brand value
  • Remove movements that go from one edge to the other. This will make the product unclear distracting the user
  • Don’t go for very complicated designs. This will dilute the brand motive.
  • Never use small font sizes. The customer must be able to read what you are trying to say using this technology

In short, don’t wait to take up this new technology and make your brand do wonders for you.

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