Lenticular Photo Printing Services

At its heart, Lenticular Printing is essentially an art converted to a technology, which makes use of lenses to create lenticular pictures with an illusion of depth. To achieve this depth artifice numerous similar images are sliced into strips, and then are interlaced in a unique way. Such is the impact of lenticular picture printing methodology that it has also come to be known as 3-D Motion Printing.

Why Lenticular World for Lenticular Picture Printing

We, at Lenticular World, take immense pride in being one of the leading Lenticular Printing Companies in China. It is our everlasting commitment to present our customers with the newest and most innovative printing technologies which helped our foray into the world of Lenticular Photo Printing, right at the onset.

Owing to the user of our superior printing capabilities, we have been able to offer state-of-the-art 3-Motion Printing thereby ensuring that our clients have access to a printed piece, that isn’t lifeless, but offers an unparalleled dynamism when the holder changes the angle at which the piece is being viewed.

With this innovative technology at your behest, you can now revel in the new-found prowess of showing active motion pictures to your target audience – right from a model applying the perfect winged eye-liner, to a bike raring on the racing track. For all you know, this technology will open new avenues for advertising by enabling you to create an interactive print ad. Not only will it encourage your customers to engage and interact with the piece of advertisement, but it will also ensure a lasting recall value for your product! Now, if this isn’t a win-win situation, we don’t know what is!

Lenticular Picture Printing Service

So, whether you wish to get your art converted into a lenticular print, or want us to create a befitting print for your brand promotion, simply get in touch with us, and our proficient associates will take it up from there. Curious about the lenticular printing cost of your project? Well, don’t worry. It will all be worth the returns!