Things to Consider When Looking for Lenticular Business Card Printing

Posted on January 14, 2021

It has become essential to promote a business in a competitive environment today. Every business owner these days wants to promote their business in an interesting way. Promoting a business is no longer limited to advertising through newspapers and television. One can consider lenticular printing also. It is one of the unique ways to promote a business. It keeps a brand alive and kicking in the competitive world. However, when looking for lenticular business card printing, one needs to consider the right professional and service. It is an essential decision one can make to print a better-quality card.


A lenticular business card is an innovative and creative way to promote a business. It does not matter which industry someone is representing. One can print a 3D business card to attract customers and hook them onto 3D advertisement. A 3D card looks appealing and at the same time informs customers about the services and products one has to offer. It is indeed a unique way to promote a business and become a well-established business.

Printing a lenticular business card is a great idea to promote a business. With messages in a lenticular effect and using cutting-edge technology, one can make people stop and have a look. 3D printing creates an illusion of depth by positioning visual elements on different spatial planes. Unlike other printing methods, lenticular printing provides an exciting dimension. It can add motion or varying perspectives that can be viewed from different angles. It will help design innovative ads to attract more eyeballs and narrate an informative story. There are many things to consider when   looking for lenticular business card printing.

How to Print 3D Business Card?

Today, one can get many services that offer 3D printing. It is essential to choose the service carefully. Choose to work with a 3D card printing company where one can communicate freely. One should evaluate the art-work and understand the limitations and possibilities of specialty production.

Before hiring a professional, one needs to consider the type of lens they use with their prices. Get to know the details, like the format, resolution, and resins that can be used like APET, PET, PETG, polystyrene, and acrylic. These specific details can impact the final results and performance.

Get the free physical model of the concept that one has finalized. It will help to check the final product one is likely to get. Many professional printing companies provide proofs like GIF’s and others to give an accurate idea of the final product. One should not approve to produce the final print by looking at the soft proof.

Consider the lenticular printing cost of each type of effect one is looking to get. Every form of 3D effects has a different price. One can get a reasonable cost of cards when one is choosing to print more cards. It is one of the cost-effective ways to complete a project. So, ensure to pay attention to all these factors before getting a card printed.

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