Three Big Questions People Ask Us About Lenticular Printing

Posted on February 17, 2020

Lenticular printing truly feels like magic, with an animation playing out on a simple 2D plane, such as a poster or business card. The process of creating lenticular effects is very complicated, and it goes without saying that many customers have many questions about lenticular printing to better understand how it works and what makes it work better in certain situations than others. Here are three frequently asked questions you might have about lenticular printing.

How Many Images Can You Animate in A Lenticular Print?

There is no concrete answer for this question. The number of images within a lenticular print can vary between two to twenty, but there are a certain number of images to go by in order for the design to look fluid.

The animation of your design depends on the direction you would like you design to be angled in order to animate. You can choose top to bottom animation or left to right. Some designs will animate better with one way to angle than the other. Top to bottom animation work better if you have several frames that you want to include and still make it animate well. If your design is meant to be a large design that people pass by, such as a sign or poster, left to right animation is your best bet.

How Can I Provide Images for A Lenticular Design?

For a lenticular design, the best way to move the process along is to provide your own frames to be animated in your design. Lenticular designs can be done in zoom effects, pans, morph, animations, or any other type of change in your images.

If you have a program like Photoshop with an image you want to manipulate, simply change the layers up little by little to get from one desired result to the next, and save copies of the image in three to four steps along the way. This way, you’ll have your frames that your lenticular printing company can work with.

If you have a video that you want to convert into a lenticular design, simply open your video editing software and load the video you want to use. Take a small clip of the video and save a few screenshots of it. This is how you can get several frames you want to use for your lenticular print.

Can Lenticular Prints Be Used Outside as Well as Inside?

Lenticular prints can be designed for use anywhere. The consultant whom you discuss lenticular printing cost with will consider the best lenticular settings to use, including the lens and other elements of your design and format. Your consultant will ask you how your design will be used. Where will this environment take place? What kind of lighting will there be? What is the distance between the design and the people who will see it?

Lenticular designs solely depend on the person’s changing point of view. As mentioned earlier, you’ll get better results in a lenticular design if you choose a top to bottom animation for handheld designs like business cards. Larger designs for ads or posters will typically offer simple, static changes in design. Once passersby notice a change in the design, it grabs their attention, making is still an engaging way to advertise products or services.

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