3 Benefits of Using 3 D Posters

Posted on September 17, 2020

Today almost all businesses are looking for innovative ways to advertise their brand. The market is much proliferated, and your ad needs to stand out from the rest to catch people’s attention. A creative way today to get everyone’s attention is the 3D poster! This is a unique form of advertising and is trending in the world of advertising today. It is capable of catching someone’s attention, and when you have all the information displayed on the poster, you have aced your advertisement. There have been various forms of advertising like print, TV and radio, but the lenticular 3D poster platform is by far the most innovative one. While some businesses are already trying it out, a lot more is yet to explore the 3D poster. There are many advantages to using 3D poster ads for brands as well as advertisers.

  1. It is Highly Graphic

Unlike print advertising, where the focus is on the text, a 3D poster is likely to get more attention because of its visual cues. When a 3d poster makes movement or if you move at a particular angle, you can see the 3 D effect very clearly. In today’s digital age, when the attention span of the audience is only a few seconds, they need something like a 3D poster to catch their attention. This platform stands true to the very famous line, i.e. a picture speaks a thousand words. This lenticular 3D poster is what makes a person stare at it for a longer time and keep them engaged.

  1. It is Very Eye Catchy

When you invest in a 3D poster, you will end up getting more attention than any other form of advertising. For example, when people come closer to a 3D poster, they are bound to get fascinated by the moving images whenever they tilt their head. This is quite an interesting and innovative platform for brands to advertise their product or service. All you need is a good advertising team who can implement the campaign and execute it flawlessly. It is much better than writing a full-page newspaper advertisement as they are losing out on the younger generation who is hooked on to the digital media. Ultimately, 3D printing is going to gain you more stares than a newspaper or a TV ad.

  1. It Doesn’t Increase your Marketing Cost

Generally, innovative advertising is associated with higher costs, and this is the main reason why most brands are not sure about 3D printing. However, when you look at the costs, it is much lower than other forms of advertisement. For example, you are only investing once in the 3D print ad, but when you do a newspaper ad, you need to keep publishing it in order to increase the recall. But, 3D printing is a smart form of advertisement, and most brand should invest in it. You must adapt to the changing environment and become a part of the new cult. Being afraid to move with the change will leave you stagnated.

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