3d printing vs lenticular printing

Posted on June 10, 2019

Step Up Your Marketing Game: Here’s How 3D Printing Different From Lenticular Printing


With constantly upgrading print technology, there has been a perpetual confusion that 3D printing and lenticular printing are the same! Even though both printing processes provide a three dimensional visual effect, but technically, they are two different things.



3D printing is an additive manufacturing technology that lets us create a physical object. It lets us construct an object layer by layer, so as to form complex shapes. It is therefore, commonly used to develop a physical prototype from a digital blue print and is popular in prototyping industry.



Lenticular printing is nothing else but creating moving images or morphing one image into another to create a three dimensional visual effect on a flat surface. It produces illusion of depth, and has the ability to create 3D animated effects such as winking eyes, which changes depending on the viewing angle.


So, 3D printing and lenticular printing are two different terms, which will probably grow in popularity, in the coming years, as a serious marketing tool.

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