What’s So Intriguing About 3D Lenticular Posters?

Posted on September 3, 2022

Times have changed, and so has technology. Lenticular printing makes everything look attractive. 3D Lenticular posters are extremely popular in today’s world! Businesses realize that 3D Lenticular posters are great for showcasing their products.

Have you ever thought about what makes 3D lenticular posters so intriguing? In this post, we will tell you what’s interesting about the posters. Take a quick look!

Amazing Lenticular Effects You Can Achieve

  1. The lenticular flip effect allows you to combine two or more images that keep changing from one to the other depending on the angle you are observing it from. This particular animation effect has various images, but together, you get a small video.
  2. Regarding 3D effects, the lenticular plastic allows the viewer to see a different representation of one scene. The three-dimensional illusion is what intrigues the viewer. You don’t even need stereoscopic glasses!

The animation, flip, and 3D lenticular effects can be amalgamated to maximize the visual impact of the image or the print.

How Does One Achieve Lenticular Effects?

Lenticular printing is about combining two elements – a plastic sheet and an interlaced image.

The images are first divided into strips and then interlaced into one image.

The second step is to print the interlaced image on the back of special lenticular plastic or stable paper support. Then, it is laminated with plastic.

The lens then isolates and amplifies the image so you can only see one original image simultaneously. It depends on the angle from which you are seeing – the image keeps changing.

Everything about 3D Lenticular effects is intriguing. If you want to woo prospective clients or the target audience, you can use 3D lenticular posters.

Can You Print 3D Lenticular Posters at Home?

Lenticular plastic, special software, and printing equipment are required to make 3D lenticular posters.

So, you would need an expert to create the poster for you.

You can find a 3D lenticular printing service provider near you. Allow them to show their previous works or portfolio. This way, you would know the quality of the posters and whether the service provider can cater to your needs.

How Do You Choose a 3D Lenticular Printing Service Provider?

It would be helpful to choose the printing service provider by checking the reviews and ratings online. A legit service provider would also have their website.

References also help! You can ask your friends and relatives too. Google search engine will also show you the best 3D lenticular poster printing service provider in your area.

Once you get in touch with the service provider, make sure you check the current works of these experts. They will have a portfolio for you to look at.

Make sure you find the best expert for this job! Whether it’s your business or personal use, the expert will ensure you get a high-quality 3D Lenticular poster.

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