Add Motion Effects With 3D Lenticular Printing Services

Posted on July 7, 2022

3D Lenticular Printing Services

Stickers can come to life through 3D lenticular sticker printing services, animations can be added to your stickers with different motion effects. The realistic animation and motion provides an edge to your graphic prints. It’s a great way to attract the attention of your target market and make them notice your message. They will make your business stand out from the rest, the images become more appealing and leave a mark on the viewer’s mind which builds the brand image. It is becoming more and more popular because of its availability and affordability.

What is 3D Lenticular Printing?

Lenticular basically means “pertaining to lenses”, it is an advanced technology in which lenticular lenses that are used for 3D displays are used for producing printed images that have an illusionary effect and the ability to change as they are seen from different angles. They add depth to a printed display. Some examples of lenticular sticker printing are animation effects such as winks, flickers, tilt cards and more. The process of lenticular printing involves 5 steps-

  1. Separating the elements of the photo – this is done to separate the graphic elements of the photo and to place them on their own layer.
  2. Filling the void – that is created  when the graphic elements are removed. It is better if more layers are available to fill that void.
  3. Parallax – also called the frame, it is created by changing the positions of the main graphic elements. Each layer of the final image has a frame that depends on the vantage point from which they’re viewed.
  4. Layering – the frames are sliced together and interlaced to create the illusionary movement. Here, the visual effect is created.
  5. Printing – the interlaced image is then printed lithographically to the background which was created in the second step.

All these steps create the magic that we know as a 3D lenticular sticker.

How does lenticular printing work?

The process of making 3D lenticular stickers involves a multi-stage process, its two main components are flat images and lenses, in which a lenticular image has to be created from two images and is placed behind a lenticular lens. You can get 3D lenticular stickers customized in any shape and size. Once the image is prepared for conversion, a three-dimensional sticker is created with the effects of your choice. Depending upon the angle of your eyes and how you are viewing an image, only particular portions of an interlaced image is revealed at a time, conveying depth and motion.

Benefits Of Using Lenticular Printing

 It gives your brand an extraordinary strength to catch your audience’s attention. It is an intriguing marketing tactic that you must include in your strategy. Some of many benefits are:

  • It will engage viewers like never before, they have a lot more effect than just eye-catching and leaves a lasting impression.
  • It is the best way to promote your business.
  • It does not cost extra.
  • The life-like appearance of 3D images draws more customers in.

To keep your brand alive, it is important to stand out in today’s competitive market. To give your business a competitive edge, reach out to  us and customize your 3D lenticular stickers.

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