Creative Ways to Use Lenticular Print on Clothes for Business Promotion!

Posted on October 14, 2021

If you are thinking of ways to boost your business promotions, it may be time to consider more creative means to tell your brand’s message and make sure it is understood. Lenticular clothes may be able to help. Lenticular printing technology transforms an image to make it appear three-dimensional and animated on a 2D surface. So, it would seem like that print on clothes, such as shirts, will appear like they are moving and that should help attract attention to the design. Printed objects on the clothes appear in 3D and change in appearance when viewed at different angles.

Applications of lenticular prints on clothing

Your staff could be a walking billboard or advertisement for your business when they wear lenticular clothes. That makes the process ideal for printing your business name and logo on their uniforms. This will help make your branding more memorable, too!

If you are giving promotional shirts to customers and supporters of your business, you might want to make sure that the image or design is done by lenticular printing to bring it to life. They will appreciate that you have taken the time and effort to make an amazing product that they will find fun and amusing to wear.

There are many other ways you can apply lenticular printing technology on clothing. Use it to produce custom design jackets, sports jerseys, baseball caps, and even face masks. These articles of clothing and accessories can be advanced ways to advertise your business in an eye-catching while, and they may even intimidate your competition.

Why lenticular clothing?

The main reason to promote your business using lenticular clothes is because the printing technology makes the design or graphic print more eye-catching. Anywhere your clothes are worn, they are sure to attract attention. This may help draw attention to your business, attract leads, and ultimately increase conversions, too. Lenticular prints are easier to notice and recall and that could have a positive impact for your sales when you’re marketing a new product or service!

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