How to use 3D Lenticular Magnet to Promote Your Business?

Posted on September 4, 2021

Printing has always been one of the most effective marketing techniques to promote businesses. Even though static prints have become the thing of the past now, there are various other printing techniques like the 3D lenticular magnet that can give better results. You can get your branding done on these magnets or promote your products and send it across to your customers. When people use these magnets printed with your branding, it works like word of mouth. More people will see them and get to know about your business which can even get you a potential customer!

To ripe maximum benefits, you should know how to use 3D lenticular magnet. Putting your logo and making a fridge magnet is not the only thing you can do with them. Let us dive deeper and figure out ways to use 3D lenticular magnets for business promotion:

Effective ways to use 3D lenticular magnet

Decide what to put

One of the crucial decisions that you have to make is what to put on the magnets. You can choose to put your logo, brand name, or your product and service details. However, many customers may vary in using such magnets. Hence, consider putting a quote or a design along with your branding for effective marketing!

Décor Magnets

Give a beautiful 3D effect with two generic images and one branding image to make the décor magnets. Your customers can use them as a fridge magnet or on any other surface as a part of their décor. Ensure they are unique in design to catch the attention of anyone who sees them.

Holiday special

Another effective way to use 3D lenticular magnet is to send them as holiday gifts instead of emails! It gives a personalized touch, builds a strong customer relationship, and works as an effective marketing strategy.

These are some of the ways to use 3D lenticular magnet to promote your business. The only thing you need to be super careful about is to choose a trusted printing service provider to ensure product quality. Further, use them the way that suits you the best and see the magic that it brings to your business!

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