Know Why Custom Lenticular Postcards are Special

Posted on November 21, 2021

As an entrepreneur, you may be actively finding innovative and creative ways to make your brand and business stand out and get recognized. You should also take steps to make your customers feel appreciated. You can achieve those objectives by considering eye-catching and engaging custom lenticular postcards!

Lenticular postcards are not ordinary postcards with a flat and static design. They have a three-dimensional design that appears to move when tilted or turned into different angles. Lenticular postcard printing is a special method that can produce one-of-a-kind animated or 3D images. It can use multiple images to create an animated effect or apply multiple layers of one image for a three-dimensional result.

Why should you consider custom lenticular postcards? Because they offer fun and engaging ways to communicate your promotional or marketing message. Simply printing a static message with an image on a postcard has been overly done and has the potential to be perceived as boring or uninteresting. An animated message and image can make a better impression on the recipient of your postcard, so your branding and message are likely to be remembered. Recipients may even consider sharing the image or talking about your postcard when they find it amusing or entertaining.

Custom lenticular postcards can be used by many professionals in various industries. They can be used by architects to show their skills or the progress of their works, or they can be used by a cosmetic surgeon or cosmetologist to show before-and-after pictures of patients who found success in their services.

There are many other uses for lenticular postcards. They can be used by non-entrepreneurs, too. For instance, a couple can have them made as custom save-the-date cards or a parent can get them customized as invitations for their child’s first birthday or christening. The possibilities are endless! Be sure to have custom lenticular postcards made by a reputable company. That way, you are assured of high-quality results that will leave a memorable impression on any audience!

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