Learn How Lenticular Printing is Done on Clothes

Posted on September 15, 2021

Do you like the idea of wearing t-shirts with attractive graphics? Do you like the idea of getting your company’s merchandise to tell your brand story in a better way? Well, if the answer is yes, you got to try getting the lenticular clothes. There is nothing more exciting than putting 3D images on t-shirts or other pieces of cloth to promote your business idea and concept. To understand how the 3D effect works on clothes, stay glued and read till the end!

Lenticular printing on clothes

Special 3D inks are available to give a 3D motion effect to the clothes. Printing experts use a thick film screen of around 300 microns to stick the image onto the fabric and get a raised 3D effect. The ink colors can be the same or different depending upon the design, and when it dries, you get a perfect 3D design when you view it from different angles.

Benefits of lenticular printing on clothes

There are plethora’s of benefits that you can get by putting the lenticular printing effect on the clothes. Some of them are:

  • It catches the eye of potential clients and makes them curious about your business and services. After seeing the design of the clothes, they are more likely to search for you and contact you if the services you provide match their requirements.
  • It is like wearing your business ad and letting people see it wherever you go. Needless to mention here that it is better than the banners that you place at one spot, and only people coming to that spot can view it. Hence, with the lenticular clothes, the chances of people viewing the ad and turning into potential customers increases.
  • Lenticular designs help the businesses stand out from the crowd of marketers, each trying to promote their services in the best possible way. It is more like creating a lasting impression on your potential customer’s mind and turn it into a sale.

With all these benefits, there is no doubt that lenticular clothes work as an effective marketing strategy. So, wait no more and look for the best printing service provider to get some lenticular clothes!

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