What is Large Lenticular Printing and why is it Useful?

Posted on November 28, 2021

Are your flat posters and billboards failing to attract your target audience’s attention? That’s your cue to try more innovative printing technologies, like 3D lenticular printing. With large lenticular printing, you can create attractive 3D posters for any purpose or produce something bigger like an eye-catching billboard. The method adds depth, dimension, and motion to normally flat and static images. It would be like bringing your graphics and marketing message to life by applying the magic of optical illusion.

How lenticular printing is done

Large lenticular printing involves covering the images with plastic sheets consisting of tiny lenses. This way, the printer lets the eye view alternating sections of several images simultaneously. This way, lenticular can create one-of-a-kind and attractive illusions that can help promote your business, movie, product, or any other thing you want to show. The printing technology offers outstanding dramatic and three-dimensional motion effects to bring your design to life and increase impressions.

Why choose lenticular printing for large format media?

3D lenticular graphics appear to be moving when viewed from different angles. So, a person will typically stop to take a look and spend more time interacting with your poster or billboard. This can contribute to enhanced brand recognition and message retention as the lenticular image creates a fun and memorable experience when engaging someone with your marketing or promotional message.

Large lenticular printing aims to capture attention and bring amusement to the viewer. As a result, the viewer may even talk about your poster or billboard with other people or post about it online. That may help draw more attention to your lenticular prints.

More uses for lenticular printing

Large lenticular printing can be used to create high-quality and engaging prints for bus shelters, trade show displays, murals, and retail displays. Any application that has to capture the attention of an audience can make the most of it.

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