What Makes Lenticular Pictures Attractive?

Posted on May 6, 2022

Lenticular printing is a type of printing that allows items to appear in three dimensions, with various appearances depending on the angle from which they are seen. Lenticular pictures present a view that appears like parallel ridges. This technology makes it possible to print pictures from a movie scene or any other graphic on a thermoplastic sheet by using concave lenses.

What Can You Do with Lenticular Print?

Many businesses want to employ technology in new and innovative ways, and lenticular printing is one example. Customers feel intrigued by looking at Lenticular pictures, ensuring that the print’s outcome stays in their heads for a long time. Here are the different forms in which lenticular prints can be used:

  • l Business Cards
  • l Fridge Magnets
  • l Posters
  • l CD/DVD Inserts
  • l Stickers
  • l Postcards

Companies can attract attention to their stalls by putting up attractive posters and placards. A lenticular image on a standee to direct visitors towards the stall can be most helpful.

Is There a Limit to The Number of Photographs being used?

There is currently no regulation stating that lenticular prints can be finalized with a specific number of photographs. Several instances were seen where twenty or more photos have been used. In the case of a poster, six images pointing in six directions on a poster would be suitable, with the message changing while crossing it. Using lenticular print technology, companies often get 3D visuals that appear like holograms.

Select the Appropriate Print Company

Remember to select a company that is well-versed in the nuances of lenticular printing. Not every company has professionals with the skills to create a realistic depth illusion. Such professionals need to observe prints with a keen eye for detail. With precision, up to 12 layers of photographs are sliced and interwoven together. Various Internet forums can be used to learn more about well-known print companies.

People’s attention spans have dwindled dramatically since broadband Internet became available. Technology has turned the Internet into an instant attention grabber, which has made traditional methods of learning and entertainment redundant. Retaining customer attention has become increasingly difficult, but lenticular pictures excel in this area. Companies that use these prints can retain customer attention for long and attractively convey their brand messages. Anyone who gets a lenticular business card will certainly not forget the concerned company in a hurry.

Lenticular Pictures for Special Occasions

American citizens celebrate many festivals in a year, but Thanksgiving and Christmas witness the maximum celebrations. Retail outlets and restaurants can generate tremendous business on these days by sending lenticular printouts to their consumers. Pictures on pamphlets can inform them of festival specials, appearing more attractive than regular pamphlets. Museums can also generate interest with lenticular postcards and pictures.

Websites that sell lenticular prints allow users to input appropriate photographs and text. Both family members and employees can feel elated while looking at these prints. Engagement with a brand becomes deeper through these pictures. Although the technology was available in the US during the 1970s and 80s, digitalization has taken lenticular prints to a new level.

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