How are Lenticular Business Cards Different from Regular Cards?

Posted on September 10, 2021

Business cards are the best way to introduce you to people who seems to be potential clients. It lets you put all the essential information regarding your area of expertise and contact details on a piece of paper that people can use to contact you. Earlier, the business cards were static with basic or no design at all. However, with evolution in technology, the 3D lenticular card custom-made came into the picture and changed the way people look at a business card!

These 3D motion business cards are better and much more effective than regular business cards. When you get your lenticular card custom-made, put your details in a quirkier manner, you not only get added attention but also increase the chances of a sale. There are several ways in which lenticular business cards outdo the regular business cards. Let us dive deeper and discuss it in detail:

How lenticular cards are better than regular ones


The statement may raise many eyebrows, but lenticular cards are indeed cost-effective than regular business cards. You get a higher ROI in increased sales once you invest in premium quality, better-designed lenticular cards. However, such is not the case with regular business cards. As they are now outdated, there are negligible chances of it turning into a potential sale. Thus, the money you invest in getting them printed is a waste.

Better engagement

There are countless people in the domains similar to you sharing their business cards every day. For you to stand out of the crowd, the business card needs to be different and eye-catchy. There is nothing better than the lenticular card custom-made and tell your brand story in the best possible way!

First Impression

Understand that the business card is the first impression of your business. You would never want the first impression to be boring and outdated for sure. So, invest in a lenticular business card that creates an outstanding first impression.

Other than this, you can get the lenticular card custom-made and put two-three different designs in one business card. This way, you can explain your expertise better and can also give a brief about your business. So, wait no more and invest in superior quality lenticular cards to create an excellent brand image!

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