How to Find Affordable Lenticular Business Card Service Online?

Posted on October 21, 2021

Business cards are not just printouts that contain your name, business or corporate affiliation, and contact details. They can be tools to help you make a memorable impression when connecting with professional contacts. However, they are easily taken for granted and forgotten, and over time, lost. That’s why discerning professionals invest in high-quality business cards to ensure that they can get noticed and remembered by prospective clients. You can do the same, too, but to stand out, you may want to consider having lenticular business cards made.

There may be a lot of business card printing companies out there, but not all of them will specialize in lenticular printing. So, it may be best to look for an established 3D lenticular printing service provider that is versatile and can work on any project, including business cards. You might be able to find all the other lenticular printing services you might need to promote your business down the line, too!

Selecting a lenticular printing service

Find a reputable and established lenticular printing company and determine their location. They must be able to ship to your area and deliver the lenticular business cards in a timely manner. You should also verify that you are dealing with a legitimate company before you ask them to do anything for you.

Compare prices

Find at least two different lenticular printing companies and get a quote from each. Make sure they offer a transparent pricing system that won’t surprise you with extra charges when it’s time to pay. That said, it might be better to choose a cost-effective service that can provide the best possible results than easily settling for the cheapest service with low-quality business cards.

Verify experience and capabilities

Make sure that they have a proven good track record of producing high-quality lenticular business cards. Ask for samples or browse their website. You might want to look up customer testimonials and reviews, too, as these could be helpful in gaining some insights on the overall quality of the services and products of the printing company.

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